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Master Bedroom Furniture - An Industry Report 2016

Master Bedroom Furniture - An Industry Report 2016


This report is the result of national survey conducted by Impact Consulting Services, Inc. The aim of this report is to compile, evaluate, and present the opinions of a group of recent Master Bedroom furniture purchasers in order to guide providers of home furnishings as they search for the best way to bring their products to the attention of the end-users.

Impact Consulting solicited the opinions of a geographically and demographically balanced field of consumers engaged in the Bedroom furniture market. All consumers had bought Master Bedroom furniture. These purchasers were profiled according to various criteria; including age and income, gender, their lifestyle cluster, certain buying attitudes, and motivators that encourage them to purchase furniture.

It should be noted that all data shown in the following graphics are products of Impact Consulting’s Consumer Survey for Bedroom Furniture.

Number of Pages: 39 (PDF)

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