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Furniture Industry Report - An Advertising Perspective

An Advertising Perspective 2013


This report is the result of national survey conducted by Impact Consulting Services, Inc. in the latter part of 2012. The aim of this report is to compile, evaluate, and present the opinions of a group of recent home furnishings purchasers in order to guide providers of home furnishings as they search for the best way to bring their products to the attention of the end-users.

Impact Consulting solicited the opinions of a geographically and demographically balanced field of consumers. These consumers were actively engaged in the furniture market with over two-thirds having bought furniture within the past 2 years and one-fourth having bought within the past 6 months. Among the areas that this survey analyzed were the effectiveness of various types of ads, the influence of celebrity endorsements, the “believability” of certain ads, and advertising’s power to influence. The respondents to this survey were profiled according to various criteria, including age and income, gender, current shopping stage, buying attitudes, and purchase motivators.

We compared the opinions of these survey participants with the data in our Consumer Intelligence database found on To populate the Consumer Intelligence database, we survey a national consumer sample balanced by geography and the demographics of age and income. Consumers give their opinions on topics, such as their home furnishings purchases, their ideas on the design of products, their shopping experiences, and their attitudes about the home. Rather than a static panel of households, this consumer panel changes continually. The graphics present the data segmented by consumer response. The task of the furniture retailers and manufacturers is to evaluate the most effective way to target these current and potential customers at each of these shopping stages, especially the “Thinking about a Purchase” consumers.

Number of Pages: 49 (PDF)

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