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Consumer Segmentation

Consumer Segmentation


What it is:

An ongoing national survey of retailers which defines the assortments that are selling in terms of units and dollars. The price ranges for product categories are relatively well defined for each of the three Merchandising thrusts: Promotional, Middle and Upper/Premium. However, the Allocation of slots between the bottom price point and the top price point varies significantly because of the Economy and other competitive factors. Knowing the "sweet spot," or heart of the assortment is critical to success on the sales floor.

What it can do for you:

This information gives the retailer the ability to adjust the floor assortment by Price Point. This capability is critical to maximizing the potential sales. It is not sufficient just to have all price points covered. You must have the best selection in the price points that the customer is buying. This is what Product Assortment can do for your sales floor.

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